E11 Segment Data Quality Repository

Peter Shawhan, Keith Riles

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This page has links to files containing information about science-mode segments in each detector during the E11 run. Science mode segment numbers for each interferometer were incremented each time a control room operator pushed the "GO" button to indicate start of science mode conditions. As in the past, the segment numbers will be permanent, and many e-log entries refer to them by IFO and segment index (e.g., H1-27). This repository provides data quality summary information on individual segments, based on the work of many investigators. Data quality flags are listed for time intervals, and links to more detailed information are provided, where appropriate. Links to segment manipulation tools (e.g, segwizard) are also included.

For each detector, there is an ASCII file ( E11H1_seginfo_work.txt , E11H2_seginfo_work.txt) which details any information learned about each segment which indicates that it is bad or potentially bad data. These files are maintained by hand. As information is learned and added to these files, they are periodically copied to different names incorporating a specific version number, and the information is also distilled and presented in a few other files:

Note that any given segment will retain the same numerical index in all versions of the lists, but it may acquire bad-flags indicating that it is bad or potentially bad.

The goal of this effort is to determine what data is suitable for searching for gravitational waves, and to provide this information in a machine-readable form. The success of this effort will depend on individuals examining the data, identifying effects which might cause the data to be bad, and then evaluating which effects are serious enough to disqualify data. Contributions are eagerly awaited; Keith Riles (kriles@umich.edu ) will collect this information and maintain the segment info files.

Version 00 files -- Generated in real-time at Hanford

Single IFO:
Segment lists (ASCII):
Single-IFO: E11H1v00_segs.txt ,  E11H2v00_segs.txt 
Double-IFO: E11H1H2v00_segs.txt 

Version 01 files -- December 18, 2004

This release takes explicit account of the following issues: Of interest to calibration aficianados:

Single IFO:
Segment lists (html): E11H1v01_segs.html , E11H2v01_segs.html
Segment lists (ASCII): E11H1v01_segs.txt , E11H2v01_segs.txt
Full segment info (html): E11H1v01_seginfo.html , E11H2v01_seginfo.html
Full segment info (ASCII): E11H1v01_seginfo.txt , E11H2v01_seginfo.txt

Double IFO:
Segment lists (ASCII): E11H1H2v01_segs.txt

Notes on coincidence segment lists

Notes on two incorrect version-0 segments (added 12/22/04)

Graphical summaries of segment data quality